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Suzie Abercrombie is a Texas State Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in Emotional Transformation Therapy™ (ETT) for the treatment of stress and anxiety, depression, anger, fear, trauma (PTSD), loss of control, sense of overwhelm due to life transitions, physical and emotional pain as the result of chronic headaches, migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other health issues. Suzie uses the latest in therapy techniques to help adults resolve the tough issues they face.

Congratulations on taking this action step to resolve a challenge in your life! Be it a situation involving a relationship or distressing emotions – whether at home or work – healing and change is about doing it different than how you have known up until now. Behaviors are an attempt to get one’s needs met. Based on results, the behaviors work or they don’t. Suzie will help you by discovering ways to communicate, problem solve, and respond that will serve you better to create the life you want. Together, you will explore options to change what you don't like about your situation.

By applying complementary therapy approaches Suzie can assist you in examining the pieces that no longer work such as old habits, defeating self-talk, false beliefs, limiting perceptions, thinking errors, distressing emotions, inhibited responses, or over reactions. Key missing pieces become recognizable and obstacles more apparent. With support, you can achieve your goals for change. Although past events relationships and situations cannot be undone the pain experience of it can be changed. Using cutting edge therapy techniques, Suzie can help you release and repair pieces in a way that is grounding and more comfortable.

Take the first step to help. Call or Email Suzie Abercrombie now - (214) 621-9857